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  • Spoken by the Basques in north central Spain and southwestern France (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).

  • One of the oldest historically documented languages.

  • It has no known relatives.

  • The only remnant of the languages spoken in southwestern Europe before the region was romanized.

  • Main dialects are Guipúzcoan, Biscayan, and Navarrese in Spain and Labourdin and Navarrais in France.

  • The Basque name for the language is Euskara.

  • In Spain the Basque-speaking region comprises the province of Guipúzcoa, parts of Vizcaya and Navarra, and a corner of Álava, and in France the western region of the département of Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

  • The number of speakers, who are largely bilingual, might be estimated at 700,000.


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